10 Random Tips To Help You Win At Life

Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid.
– John Wayne

The following 10 life tips may not save your life, but they very well could help save your relationships and finances. And at the end of the day, doesn’t life boil down to relationships and finances?

So yeah, these 10 tips might just save your life. Or at the very least, help you win at it. Enjoy.

1.  Buy yourself a Yelp t-shirt.

You will receive excellent service, wherever you go.

yelp shirt

2.  Don’t complain to your parents about your relationship problems.

At some point you may forgive your significant other, but your parents may not.

relationship problems

3.  Got a new boss at work? For the next 3 months arrive at work earlier than them and leave later than they do.

They won’t notice after 3 months and you will always be remembered as the hard worker.


4.  As a front seat passenger, never put your feet up on the dashboard.

If you wreck and the airbag deploys, your legs will break. Then, your broken legs will hit you in the face.

feet dashboard

5.  If you’re ever homeless, spend your remaining money on a 24-hour gym membership.

You’ll have a place to go at night, access to showers, and a locker to store your belongings.

gym membership

6.  Teach your kids to cook.

Regardless of gender.

kids cook

7.  Children tend to act differently around their friends than their parents.

How they act around their friends says more about the type of person they are turning into. If your child’s teacher says there is a problem, listen.

kids misbehaving in class

8.  Taking a cab home at night from the bar or nightclub?

Negotiate a price with the cab driver before you go anywhere. Unscrupulous cab drivers have been known to overcharge intoxicated passengers.

taxi nightclub

9.  Always use protection.

For your cell phone.

broken iphone

10.  Borrow money to buy things that appreciate in value.

But never borrow money to buy things that depreciate in value. Sure, that new car looks great, but it loses 10% of its value the moment you drive it off the lot.

car dealership

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