10 Weird Jobs That No Longer Exist

The industrial revolution and modern technology have made our lives easier and more comfortable for the most part. They’ve been responsible for creating millions of new jobs and industries, sometimes seemingly out of nothing. However, technology has also made many jobs obsolescent. Here is a list of 10 weird jobs that were eliminated by technology. How many have you heard of?

1. Bowling Alley Pinsetter

Young boys were often employed by bowling alleys as pinsetters. They would set up the pins between frames and send the bowling ball back to the player.



2. Knocker-Uppers

Knocker-uppers were essentially human alarm clocks. They would grab a stick or pebble and tap against your bedroom window or door until you awoke.



3. Ice Cutters

Ice cutters had the dangerous job of sawing out frozen lakes so that people could keep their groceries cold in their ice boxes.

ice cutter1

ice cutter2

4. Acoustic Radar Listener

The acoustic radar listener had the job of putting these ridiculous contraptions up to their ears in order to try and detect the sound of approaching enemy aircraft.



5. Rat Catcher

Rat catchers were employed to stop the spread of infectious diseases that rats carried and eliminate them. They were basically human Tomcats.

rat catcher

rat catcher2

6. Lamplighters

Before the invention of the incandescent lightbulb, the lamplighter’s job was to light, refuel, and extinguish the oil-filled street lamps throughout their town or city.



7. Log Driver

Back in the old days, nearly all lumber was floated down the river and sent to the saw mills. The log driver’s job was to keep the logs straight on the river so that they wouldn’t become entangled. This is where the saying “log jam” came from.

log driver

8. Switchboard Operator

Back in the old days, when you wanted to call someone, you would first have to talk to the switchboard operator. You would tell her who you wanted to call and she would “switch” the line to connect you to your party.

switchboard operator1

switchboard operator2

9. Resurrectionist

If there were ever a creepy job, this was it. The resurrectionist would dig up graves, take the bodies, and give them to universities to use as cadavers for their medical students.


10. Lector

The lector was hired to read to and entertain workers in manufacturing plants and factories.




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