9 Of The World’s Most Poisonous Animals

Many animals in the wild are equipped with poisonous defenses to ward away predators. Some even use their neurotoxic venom to kill their prey, making themselves dangerous hunters. But which are the most deadly? The following 9 animals are considered by many experts to be the most poisonous animals in the world.

1. King Cobra

One bite from the king cobra is able to inject up to 5 times as much venom into its prey than other venomous snakes, killing its victims in under 30 minutes.

king cobra

2. Brazilian Wandering Spider

This spider is believed to have the most potent venom of any spider; even more powerful than the infamous black widow.

brazilian wandering spider

3. Marbled Cone Snail

As deadly as its shell is beautiful, the venom from the marbled cone snail is so powerful that just one drop can kill 20 human beings.

marbled cone snail

4. Blue Ringed Octopus

Although tiny in size, at a mere 6 inches long, the blue ringed octopus produces a deadly poison that can kill a person within minutes and for which there is no antidote.

blue ringed octopus

5. Box Jellyfish

This ghost-like killer of the ocean is responsible for nearly 6,000 deaths since the 1950’s. The sting from the box jellyfish’s tentacles are said to be so severe that its victims often go into shock, drown, and die before they are able to reach shore.

box jellyfish

6. Stonefish

If you happen to be walking through the shallow tropical waters of the Pacific or Indian Oceans, beware of stepping on the supremely camouflaged stonefish, as the spines contain a powerful venom.

Billy Connolly describes the sting from the stonefish as “the worst pain known to man” in the video below. WARNING: rated R for language.


6. Deathstalker Scorpion

The venom from a deathstalker scorpion is a powerful blend of neurotoxins designed to kill crickets, worms, and grasshoppers. Although its sting may be incredibly painful to a human, it is, however, unlikely to kill them.

deathstalker scorpion

8. Puffer Fish

Also known as the blowfish, the puffer fish blows itself up like a balloon, exposing its venomous spines to both predator and prey. A poke from the puffer fish is a near certain death for humans, as there is no antidote.

puffer fish

9. Poison Dart Frog

The poison dart frog is known for its bright colors of yellow, orange, red, green, blue, or black, as well as its tiny size (at about 2 inches long). The poison dart frog has enough venom concentrated in its compact size to kill 10 human beings.

poison dart frog

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