These Celebrity Sketches Are So Bad, They’ll Have You LOL’ing

Nothing is cooler than a sketched drawing of your favorite actor or actress. But if you’re going to publish your work online for the whole internet to see, make sure it doesn’t suck. Otherwise, the whole world is going to laugh at you.

When you’re finished browsing through these sketches, be sure to leave a comment below and let us know which was your favorite.

Al Pacino

Al with googly eyes and a martian-shaped head.

al pacino sketch

Brad Pitt

If Brad Pitt gained 15 pounds in his face, he might look like this.

brad pitt sketch

Bruce Willis

Apparently this is what Bruce Willis would have looked like during the Paleolithic Era, when cavemen roamed the Earth.

bruce willis sketch

Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken as a zombie …on crack.

christopher walken sketch


In case you didn’t think Dexter could be any creepier, check out this sketch.

dexter sketch

Dwayne Johnson

The Rock-enstein

dwayne johnson sketch


Eminem sporting the “helmet hair” look.

eminem sketch

Harry Potter

At least they got Harry’s scar right.

harry potter sketch

Jack Nicholson

This has to be the worst one of the bunch.

jack nicholson sketch

Jack Sparrow

Jack needs to lay off the lip collagen treatments.

jack sparrow sketch

Jackie Chan

Jackie’s Chan’s head looks like a strawberry wearing a wig.

jackie chan sketch

Jeff Goldblum

Personally, I think the dinosaur Jeff is leaning against looks more realistic.

jeff goldblum sketch

Jim Carrey

If Jim’s eyes were any closer together, he’d be a cyclops.

jim carrey sketch

Justin Bieber


justin bieber sketch

Justin Timberlake

I have no words.

justin timberlake sketch

Mel Gibson

Another Frankenstein.

mel gibson sketch

Morgan Freeman

If Morgan Freeman were white.

morgan freeman sketch

Nicolas Cage

Nick Cage actually looks better in this sketch.

nicolas cage sketch

Nicole Kidman

Nicole’s forehead has doubled in size and will continue to double every 24 hours. Soon it will take over the world.

nicole kidman sketch

Samuel L. Jackson

Can’t you just hear Sam Jackson saying “Why is my head shaped like a Tic Tac?!”

samuel l jackson sketch

Sylvester Stallone

Sly Stallone looks more like Tim Curry from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

sylvester stallone sketch

Tom Cruise

I always wondered what Tom Cruise would look like with a pig snout.

tom cruise sketch

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